Champol Gear Oil 80W90


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Champol gear oil 80W90 is an extra high-performance gear lubricant formulated from select base oils and an advanced additive system. it can be used for on-highway ligh-and heavy-duty tructs, buses, vans and cars. it provides excellent chemical and thermal stability at elevated bulk oil temperatures, performs well at low temperatures,and has demostrated good protection from rust resulting from water contamination and wet conditions. Champol Genuine Gear Oil 80W-90 has specially selected components that meet the performance reqiurments of synchromes compability,thermal stability and provide very smooth shift feel.

  • Exceptional thermal stability and resistance to high temperature oxidation
  • Extended gear and bearing life due to minimal deposits. Longer seal life.
  • Outstanding protection against low speed/high torque wear and against high speed sco ring.
  • Reduced maintenance costs and longer equipment life.
  • Excellent rust and corrosion protection
  • Reduced wear and longer component life.
  • Effective low temperature lubrication improved startability.
  • Compatible with typical synchromesh material,automotive seals and gaskets.
  • Smoother shift feel, Minimun leakage and reduced contamination.

Champol Genuine Gear Oil 80W-90 is recommended for Passenger cars, on highway light and heavy duty trucks and commercial vehicles Off highway industries including:construction, minig, quarrying, and agriculture Other industrial and automotive applications including hypoid gears operating under Lower to moderate conditions

Champol Genuine Gear oil 80W90 meets with GL-4 specifications….

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