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CHAMPOL DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID is a high performance hydraulic brake fluid for use in automotive disc, drum and anti-skid brake systems. CHAMPOL DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID is based on polyethylene glycol ether technology to provide a high level of brake and clutch perfomance in automotive and commercial vehicles.

CHAMPOL DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID is recommended for use in applications where disc,drum and anti-skid braking systems are used in vehicles requiring systems are used in vehicles requiring DOT3 level performance for use include:-

Features Advantage
High boiling point Consistent and safe brake performance under high braking pressure.
Minimun rubber component swell Reduces leakage and loss of fluid to a minimum.
Excellent corrosion protection improved life and reliability or brake system components.
  • Use Only its concentrated from out a previously unopened or well-sealedcontainer.
  • Always sealthe container immediately after use as the fluid absorbs moisture from the atmosphere quite rapidly; this will reduce services life signficantly.
  • Never reuse drained brake fluid:
  • Brake fluid can effect the vehicle paintwork,so remove spills immediately without rubbing.
  • Brake fluid should be drained from the vehicle every two years or 40,00 Km(24,000 Miles) and refiled.
  • it is strongly recommended that brake fluid be changed according to the vehicle manufactures’advice.
  • Ultra-low friction to improve gas mileage

CHAMPOL DOT 3 BRAKE FLUID meets industry & Manufacturer’s Specification:ISO 4925 Class3,SAE J 1703,FMVSS 116 DOT 3

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