Environmental Policy

Human activity is threatening the health of the environment and jeopardising our future. At Champol Lubricants, we realise that climate change is a serious problem that affects us all, therefore we are truly committed to implementing solutions to global challenges.

We recognise that our own operations have an effect on the local, regional and global environments due to the nature of our business. As a consequence, we continuously improve our own environmental performances and decrease our carbon footprint.

Our directors and managers participated in defining our environmental action plan by setting realistic objectives and targets.

Our first aim is to incorporate the following features, which focus on our direct emissions, reducing our carbon footprint:

  • using energy saving light bulbs and energy efficient equipment
  • allowing staff to have home near our offices & factory avoiding the need to travel long distances.
  • using public transport when possible
  • using teleconferencing facilities when possible to avoid the need to travel to meetings
  • using recycled paper
  • minimising the amount of waste through reduction, recovery and recycling
  • recycling waste paper, print cartridges, electronic equipment and kitchen waste to eliminate methane production in landfill
  • regularly servicing and maintaining all of our tankers and company cars to ensure fuel efficiency
  • encouraging our clients to purchase in bulk with neighbours to save fuel on delivery and decrease CO2 emissions
  • training all employees on environmental issues to ensure full participation